FUCHS Fertigteilwerk Ost plant in Zeithain


FUCHS Fertigteilwerke Ost GmbH


FUCHS Zeithain has a modern and effective production plant in the northwest of Dresden and belongs to the nationwide market leaders in the sectors of environmental engineering and infrastructure.  

Many groundbreaking developments in the sectors of separation technology, sewage treatment technology, decentralized rainwater usage and modern shaft and container systems originate from Zeithain.  

The location is characterized by the 130 years of tradition of the Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG and its product lines DYWIDAG Aquaschutz® and DYWIDAG Schachtsysteme® which have established for years on the market. 

Competence in Zeithain:

  • Separation technology
  • Rainwater usage
  • Sewage treatment technology
  • Pump and plant construction
  • Extinguishing water & rain retention basin
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Special constructions
  • Shaft systems
  • Cable ducts and duct covers
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FUCHS Fertigteilwerke Ost GmbH

Am See 12, 01619 Zeithain

T+49 3525 7665-0