Round containers & shafts in a monolithic or modular design

Round containers & shafts

Customised container construction

Environmental engineering

The shaft construction system for countless applications

We offer round, reinforced-concrete containers and shafts for pre-fabricated construction for countless applications.

The services we provide begin with the initial design planning and continue through static dimensioning to production of the pre-fabricated parts. We also offer a variety of factory-assembled expansion stages.

Depending on the dimensioning of the containers and shafts, various system formworks are used in our pre-fabrication plants. The grades of concrete and DIN 1045 exposure classes are selected according to your requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Monolithic container construction
  • Shortest possible construction times thanks to factory production
  • Adaptable, expandable container system with partition walls, rebound plates, filters, etc.
  • Customised channel lining
  • Wide range of accessories for manhole covers, ladders, entrances and other system components

Range of services

  • Usable volume of 3 m3 to 21 m3
  • Diameter DN 1,000 to 3,000
  • Max. container height 3.10 m; two-piece up to 6.20 m
  • Load up to heavy lorry 60 tonnes
  • Optimal hydraulic flow conditions
  • Variable components, various expansion variants
  • Short delivery times thanks to warehouse production

Areas of application

  • Sedimentation chamber, sink shafts
  • Wastewater collection plant / percolation shaft
  • Well shaft / pilot well shaft
  • Throttle shaft, pump shaft
  • Penstock shaft
  • Sand trap
  • Collection shaft
  • Overflow shaft

Product portfolio

  • Round container with sleeve
  • Round container with seam
  • Shaft rings with sleeve / with seam
  • Well collars
  • Percolation collars
  • Cones, eccentric
  • Cones, centric
  • Cover plates
  • Rectangular shafts

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