AwSV-compliant products for the protection of groundwater

Products according to AwSV

To protect the environment

Environmental engineering

Prefabricated tubs and liquid-tight elements

Collection containers, which collect and retain environmentally harmful substances, are required by law for industries producing wastewater. This is made clear by the EU regulation for "Plants regarding the Handling of substances hazardous to water" (AwSV). It serves to protect waters and their ecosystems from released substances from plants that catch and retain these substances.

Such plants are subject to expert inspection pursuant to the AwSV. With the AwSV concrete products from FUCHS, you meet the requirements of wastewater protection regulations on a European level and contribute to the preservation of water quality – for us and the world we leave behind.

Diverse areas of application

  • Systems for storage, filling, manufacturing, treating or using substances hazardous to water
  • Handling areas and systems
  • Retention facilities
  • Systems for loading and unloading ships as well as systems for refuelling water
  • Barrel and container storage, heating oil consumption warehouses, private refuelling stations
  • Facilities in the field of energy supply and hydraulic engineering, emergency power stations
  • Biogas plants with substrates of agricultural origin
Abpumpen aus Schachtdeckel
Auffangwannen für UBahn-Verkehr

Environmental protection is a priority

Drip trays for road or rail traffic according to WHG with DIBt approval as well as track slabs with EBA approval form an important cornerstone in the modern infrastructure as well as in environmental protection. Through the use of highperformance concretes and specially developed formwork systems, our products meet the highest quality standards in terms of precision and durability. Reference projects throughout Germany and other European countries confirm our experience and the far-reaching Know-how in this field.

AwSV product portfolio at a glance

  • Collection tanks for rail and road vehicles
  • Special collection tanks, collection cups, solutions for external and internal cleaning facilities
  • Transformer and throttle tanks, reservoirs for retaining fire water
  • Liquid-tight elements, collection tanks for fuel depots
  • Emergency tanks, slide shafts and diverting slide shafts with approval in accordance with DIBt
  • Services
Auffangwanne für Straßenfahrzeuge

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