Concrete cisterns and round containers for rainwater storage

Rainwater usage

Naturally economical

Environmental engineering

Collecting and retaining rainwater

For the protection of the environment, the water we have available should be used responsibly. Drinking water does not have to be consumed in all areas of the company or household. With little effort, groundwater reserves can be saved, energy consumption for the treatment of drinking water reduced and pressure taken off sewage treatment plants.

Rainwater can be put to good use and reused not only in the home and garden. Systems using rainwater also make sense in industry, businesses and small trade companies, as well as in sports facilities.

Retention and use of rain

The round or rectangular underground containers from FUCHS are ideal for the retention and use of rainwater. The comprehensive range of rainwater storage tanks of up to 1,000 m3 usable capacity covers every requirement.

Combine rainwater retention with its use. Large roof and catchment areas mean that large volumes of water can be generated when it rains. In heavy rain, sewer systems can be overwhelmed. As the fees for drinking water and wastewater continue to rise, you can save a lot of money by retaining and using rainwater.

Rundbehälter als Regenrückhaltebecken
Brauchwasserzisterne für FC Bayern, München

Everything from a single source

  • Retention cisterns for storing rainwater and for decentralised retention with controlled outlet
  • Rainwater cisterns with up to 21 m3 of storage capacity in a monolithic tank with DN 2,500 or DN 3,000
  • Rainwater tanks with up to 60 m3 storage capacity in a horizontal pipe DN 3,000
  • Large cisterns as a "row system" on round containers with up to 100 m3 storage capacity
  • Containers accessible by lorries, with cover plates
  • Large cisterns as modular large containers with 100 - 400 m3 usable volume
  • Engineering planning and dimensioning of large-scale systems for rainwater use
  • Delivery by own crane lorries on the desired delivery date.
  • Nationwide maintenance and services
  • Extensive range of accessories and add-ons

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