Fully-bio small treatment systems & collectors for farmers

Sewage treatment technology

Economic and innovative

Environmental engineering

Biological sewage treatment for domestic and commercial wastewater

The biological small sewage treatment plant is an optimal solution for the clarification of the domestic wastewater produced by up to 50 inhabitants.

We accompany, support and advise our customers from the consultation by engineers, production at the factory to the delivery and movement of complete system by special vehicles. Of course commissioning, instruction of the system operator and a comprehensive documentation are included in the service package.

Special solutions – Systems for up to 500 inhabitants

The biological sewage treatment plant is the perfect solution for gastronomy, hotels or business enterprises. Highly contaminated wastewater is no challenge for our multi-container system.

Even small villages and residential areas can be connected to module based sewage treatment plants. A customized solution is developed and realized depending on individual requirements.

FUCHS AquaClear Sonderlösung

Advantages at a glance

  • Complete system from one source: Including delivery, assembly and instruction
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete container – jointless, drivable and buoyancy-proof
  • Short moving and assembly times – directly into pit with one stroke
  • Compact and modular installation kits concerning sewage treatment
  • Hygienisation can be upgraded by UV treatment or membrane technology
  • Maintenance by specialized DWA-trained personnel

Range of services

  • Small treatment systems with/without technology package
  • Technology packages for small treatment systems as set-up kit
  • Small treatment system, mechanical
  • Accessories
  • Special sewage treatment systems
  • Solutions for agriculture:
    - Ammonium sulphate container
    - UAN container
    - Dual outlet element
    - Fill level indicator for silage effluent

We are AQUAmax® partner.

AQUAmax® is the top-selling small sewage treatment plant in Germany.

You can find further information about AQUAmax® small treatment plants on www.atbwater.com.

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