Wastewater treatment and purification systems

Wastewater treatment

Certainly clean

Environmental engineering

Tailor-made complete solutions for water circulation systems

We give you the security of using our solutions to solve your waste water problems. This is proven by numerous projects in the field of wastewater treatment in combination with the subsequent water recycling.

With our know-how in wastewater treatment, we guarantee a reliable and efficient operation of your industrial waste water and waste treatment plant. Our specialists guarantee a stable, tailor-made complete solution, optimally tailored to the specific wastewater challenges in your industry.

Comply with limit values

In order to reduce odor nuisance in your wastewater on site we offer safe and proven solutions. The treated wastewater meets strict limits and can be discharged into public sewers or even directly into bodies of water.

The purified wastewater can be treated to sterility and as process water for rinsing and cleaning purposes be reused.

Reinigung der Abwässer in Raumzelle
Abwasserbehandlungsanlage in Nottinghamshire, UK

Everything from a single source

For cleaning wastewater with mechanical, physical, biological and chemical processes we offer you the following products:

  • Plants for limiting hydrocarbons with integrated or separate retention systems
  • Sludge trap
  • Stacking basins
  • Reservoirs
  • Flotation systems
  • Emulsion separation systems
  • Technical rooms for plant engineering

Solutions for the industry

  • For car cleaning and care at petrol stations, in car dealerships and car cleaning companies, especially for the areas car wash systems, –SB car washes, HD cleaner
  • Food industry e.g.
  • Meat and milk processing, beverage production
  • Waste and recycling industry for mineral waste, biowaste and plastic waste
  • Paper and wood industry
Abwasser wurde für Waschanlagen aufbereitet

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