Special precast concrete components for infrastructure

Special precast parts for infrastructure

Highest precision


Track supporting plates, foundations and special prefabricated parts

Collection trays for traffic on road or rail - in accordance with the Water Resources Act and with admission of DIBt – and track supporting plates with admission by EBA form an important cornerstone of modern infrastructure.  

By using high performance concrete and specially developed formwork systems our products comply with highest quality standards with regard to precision and durability.  

Reference projects throughout Germany and Europe prove our experience and comprehensive know-how in this sector.

Track supporting plates with admission by EBA

The track supporting plate by FUCHS unites supporting bodies for road and rail areas in one component and is very versatile. The solid building type guarantees long durability and minimum installation heights.

Simple assembly allows for short construction times and avoids long blocking periods for traffic.  

In addition, layouts with rail drainages and radiuses <100 m are possible. By using special concrete, high resistance to wear with regard to de-icing salt is achieved. 

Gleistragplatte beim Schienen- und Straßenverkehr
Umspannwerk Köthen

Your advantages

  • Consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Uniform surface quality
  • Foundations, concrete channels or amphibious tunnels can be produced in advance and are available on call
  • Short assembly times and timely completion of the project

Areas of application

  • Transformer foundations, transformer tanks in accordance with WHG
  • Drip trays under electric coils
  • Throttle, light mast, strip foundations
  • Base plates
  • Rail supporting plates for main and secondary lines
  • Amphibian tunnel
  • Modular stones
  • Prefabricated parts for vehicle washing
  • Traffic cones
Fertigteil an Anlage für Fahrzeugwäsche

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