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Less noise through noise barriers made of concrete parts

Nowadays, our life is dominated by noise and stress. The primary source of noise pollution is road traffic noise. The experts of FUCHS can contribute to noise reduction.  

Our noise protection walls are made of precast concrete parts. They consist of one concrete supporting layer and one facing layer made of single-grain concrete. The single-grain concrete layer which is directed to traffic absorbs noise. The concrete wall works as a shield. It protects the side away from traffic from traffic noise. Highly absorbent precast concrete parts even on both sides can be produced if the location requires it.

Convincing in every kind of way

The highly absorbent noise protection wall by FUCHS offers various scopes for design. The walls can be adapted to their environment by forms or coloring and even become an eye-catcher due to special design elements or patterns.  

The noise protection wall is an efficient solution for noise reduction due to its resistance to aging. It is a cost-saving, nearly maintenance-free and time-tested protection for humans and nature. Fast production and provable functionality are convincing.

Hochabsorbierende Betonlärmschutzwand
Lärmschutzprojekt mit vielen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

Scopes for design

Modern noise protection elements made of concrete can be produced with different surface forms and colors. The light single-grain concrete from FUCHS can be designed with different wave and rib forms which have varying influence on noise reduction.  

Various designs are possible – from broom finish to complex structural matrices or added ornaments. Surface can be colored by using colored concrete or a subsequent coating.

Advantages at a glance

  • In accordance with requirements of ZTV – LSW 06 [3]
  • Variable surface structures of absorption surface
  • Variable layout options for back side
  • Free color choice
  • Resistant to aging and nearly maintenance-free
  • Fast production
Lärmschutzwand mit Gestaltungselementen

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